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Atlanta Politicians, Educators and Community Leaders To Confront High School Dropout Crisis

Atlanta, GA--  The Choice Initiative, led by the Atlanta Urban League, kicks off two-week tour of Atlanta schools on September 29 to warn students of the consequences of dropping out.

Thousands of metro Atlanta students will soon face a poignant message about the consequences of dropping out and witness firsthand testimonials through the two-week, experiential Choice Initiative that begins in select Atlanta schools this Wednesday, September 29 to confront the local high school dropout crisis.

The initiative will launch with a press conference and tour of the nationally-renowned Choice Bus at KIPP WAYS Academy in Atlanta.

Atlanta Tech Students Travel to Germany

Tomorrow, twenty-two students, faculty and staff members from Atlanta Technical College (ATC) will depart for a two-week educational and cultural experience in Detmold, Germany. While in Germany, the group will meet with the Prince and Princess of Lippe, the Mayor of Detmold, and members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  During a two-day excursion to Berlin, the delegation will meet with Philip Murphy, the U.S. Ambassador to Germany and visit the German Parliament.

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Woodland Middle School’s Newsletter, "The Woodland Word" gives Parents Tips for the New School Year

Atlanta, GA-- It’s time to get involved! Parents, I cannot stress enough how important, necessary and vital parental involvement is to student success. Research shows that student achievement improves when parents are an active participant in their child’s education. We cannot sit back and wait for someone else to tell us or ask us. We must act. Take the initiative. Get involved today.

Ways to get involved

Know who your child’s teachers are.

Know your child’s schedule and house.

Attend school meetings and parent events.

Have a conversation at home with your child everyday about what happened at school.

Register for Home Access Center.

Become a volunteer.

Join the PTSA and serve on a committee or the executive board.

Read the Woodland Word each week.

Intervene early if achievement decreases.

There are other ways to stay involved in your child’s education.

Atlanta Board of Education Approves the Knowledge is Power Program and its New Charter School

Atlanta, GA-- KIPP,which stands for Knowledge is Power Program will be opening its fifth public charter school in Atlanta in 2011.  Although it is Kipp's fifth school, KIPP Atlanta Collegiate will be its first high school among its repertoire of middle schools.

All of our readers have probably seen KIPP Strive that was opened in the West End in 2009, and continues to grow 1 grade level every year.