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East Point City Council terminates City Manager, Crandall Jones | Politics

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East Point City Council terminates City Manager, Crandall Jones
East Point City Council terminates City Manager, Crandall Jones

East Point - Earlier this week, Crandall Jones who was up until December 19th the East Point City Manager, released a letter of separation stating he would no longer function as City Manager.

In the letter he gives a statement on being "amiably terminated" by the East Point City Council and goes on to thank the community for which he served.

The following is the statement in whole:


Tonight, the East Point City Council amiably terminated my agreement with the City.  While it is difficult to part with a community of which I have grown fond and have taken stewardship, I have accomplished all that I set out to do in the City of East Point—most importantly, leaving the City in much better condition than when I arrived.  Coming on board at the beginning of Fiscal Year 2008, we found the City on the brink of insolvency—having operated almost $11 million in deficit, with minimal cash on hand and having been out of audit compliance since 2004.  I am proud to leave the city fully in the black, out of deficit and having operated in the black in each year of my 4 ½ years of service.  Additionally, we are now in full audit compliance.  By every legitimate public and private sector measure of financial management and fiscal accountability, the City of East Point is more financially sound that it has been in more than a decade. 

I am very grateful for the opportunity to have served this elected body, the great majority of whom have afforded me their solid support as we righted the ship.  I am also extremely proud of the team of professionals who worked side by side with me in the transformation of the City of East Point.   My record will show a strong body of work that includes the following:

  • Eliminated inherited deficit of City from -$10.8 million to +$3 million in 20 months;
  • Reduced inherited capital lease debt from over $20 million to $7 million (62%);
  • Reduced General Fund operating costs by over $4 million (14%);
  • Successfully met compliance requirements and negotiated release of EPD consent order two years ahead of schedule;
  • Facilitated increase in City’s Hotel/Motel Tax to 8% from 3%, resulting in $2+ million more in revenue for tourism,  economic development and recreation initiatives;
  • Provided oversight $35 million water and sewer capital improvement bond program ahead of schedule and within budget;
  • Created Customer Care Department to streamline utility operations and improve service to citizens;
  • Created full service Human Resources (formerly Personnel) and Contracts and Procurement Departments (formerly Purchasing);
  • Completed four prior (2004-2007) year audits that had been abandoned and brought City into compliance;
  • Facilitated Council adoption of Designated/Undesignated Fund Balance and Investment Policies in 2009;
  • Facilitated Council adoption of contemporary rate structures for all fees, fines, permits and utilities;
  • Restructured City government to improve efficiency and reduce cost overruns;
  • Completed rates studies and facilitated rate increases for Water & Sewer and Electric utilities;
  • Facilitated bond purchase of property to increase footprint of government center site;
  • Developed and facilitated Council adoption of a formal Financial Recovery Program;
  • Consolidated multiple City administrative satellite operations into one, more cost effective location in 2008, significantly reducing cost;
  • Successfully negotiated new multi-year water service agreements with two largest water customers, resulting in annual revenue increases of $100,000 (240% increase) and $1.2 million (50% increase);
  • Provided oversight  for major electric utility infrastructure and equipment replacement;
  • Decreased the City’s  short-term borrowing  and dependency on Tax Anticipation Notes (TANs) by 33%;
  • Initiated a 5% re-alignment of pay for public safety personnel to stabilize the retention of and recruit experienced public safety personnel and initiated a 3% COLA for all other qualified City employees;
  • Created a Floodplain Management Program and a Pavement Management Program for the City;
  • Secured grant for a Bio Diesel Fuel Program for the City;
  • Re-organized, improved efficiency and reduced staff in most governmental departments;
  • Developed a strategy for construction of a new city government center and civic center (at the RFP review stage);
  • Implemented mandatory customer service training for all East Point employees facilitated through Human Resources Department;
  • Implemented a Management Development Training Program for multi-departmental employees.

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