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Flat Lottery, Too Many Students, Even Snow Mean HOPE Cuts

Flat Lottery, Too Many Students, Even Snow Mean HOPE Cuts

ATLANTA -- Most of them know the bad news is coming.

Most of Georgia's more than 300,000 state college students know they'll see even higher tuition next year and even fewer benefits from the HOPE Scholarship.

"I'm gonna have to find alternative ways to finance my coming here," Georgia State University freshman Kenja McNeil said, adding that those will probably include, "loans, scholarships, more scholarships and more scholarships."

Lottery proceeds have poured about $15 billion into the HOPE and pre-kindergarten programs since they began 17 years ago.

Right now, about 200,000 state college students receive HOPE benefits.

But lottery sales have flattened out, according to Margaret DeFrancisco, CEO of the Georgia Lottery Corporation.

Wednesday morning she told the University System's State Board of Regents that's thanks to the recession, growing competition from other states...and even January's winter storm.

TSA Tests New Screening Images in Atlanta

TSA Tests New Screening Images in Atlanta

College Park, GA -- Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is one of three test sites for new security screening software that produces generic images.

The Transportation Security Administrative gave reporters a demonstration of the new system on Tuesday morning using screeners posing as passengers.

Saturday was the first day for the new screening in Atlanta. The software's being used in only one of the airport's 14 advanced imaging technology machines.

The new software eliminates passenger-specific images and instead indicates the location of any potential threat items on a generic outline of a person.

"If the person is clear, there's no body image generated at all," said TSA spokesman Jon Allen. "The computer flashes a green screen and that passenger is free to go."

Facebook Page Seeks Recall of Atlanta School Board

Facebook Page Seeks Recall of Atlanta School Board

ATLANTA -- You knew it had to happen.

Someone has created a Facebook page aimed at recalling members of the Atlanta School Board.

The page was launched Tuesday night, just hours after the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools put Atlanta Public Schools' accreditation on probation due to the political bickering of a "dysfunctional" board.

The first post on the Facebook recall page is supposedly from a parent with two children in Atlanta public schools who writes, "it is my desire to build support for my children and many others in demanding that the board immediately resign or otherwise step down."

Meanwhile, the battle continues over whether the board should fight back or comply with recommendations from SACS to save their accreditation.

No MARTA Bus Service Wednesday Morning After Atlanta Snow

No MARTA Bus Service Wednesday Morning After Atlanta Snow

ATLANTA - Commuters who rely on MARTA's bus service to get around will have to wait until late Wednesday morning to find out whether or not they'll have a ride.

MARTA bus service will not be in operation during Wednesday morning's rush hour. "MARTA staff will assess street conditions throughout the overnight hours and make a determination by 11 a.m. on January 12, 2011, if some very limited bus service can be reinstated," a new release said Tuesday night.

If MARTA is able to reinstate bus service, it won't be until around noon Wednesday. "Additionally, service will end by 5 p.m. when temperatures start to drop," the news release said.

Busses have been parked since Monday morning when a winter storm struck the city of Atlanta, dumping inches of snow and some freezing rain. By Tuesday morning, roadways were covered with a slick glaze of ice and slush, making travel difficult and dangerous at times.

The Roads are Open; We Have Your Traffic Information at 11Alive.com

All the roads in Metro Atlanta are open today. You need to pack a huge load of patience while you get going though. There are many delays out there. For details on particular routes, check http://11alive.com/traffic.


The left lanes have ice in them. Stay out of those left lanes. Assume that all overpasses have ice on them; many have glaze ice that you will not be able to see until you are on them.

ALL of the on and off ramps have ice in them. Approach them slowly and carefully. If you speed onto an offramp or try to turn suddenly, you will slide and crash.


All have some ice on them. Most with three lanes ordinarily are down to two; most with two lanes regularly, are down to one lane.

Georgians win big in $355M drawing

Georgians win big in $355M drawing

Atlanta, GA--  (submitted by GA Lottery)

Lottery players in the Peach State came out peachy keen in Tuesday’s $355 million Mega Millions drawing. In Georgia, five players matched the first five numbers and won $250,000 each. An additional 19 players won $10,000 each by matching the first four numbers and the Mega Ball.


Winning numbers were: 4-8-15-25-47 and the Mega Ball was 42.

Fulton County Board of Commissioners Swearing-In Ceremony

Fulton County Board of Commissioners Swearing-In Ceremony

Atlanta, GA--  The Fulton County Board of Commissioners took their oath of office this morning at a ceremony that was open to the public at the Fulton County Government Center's Assembly Hall.

Fulton County is governed by a 7-member Board of Commissioners. Five commissioners are elected by geographic district and two are elected countywide, including the chair.

The board consists of:

John H. Eaves, Chairman, District 1 (at-large)

Robert L. “Robb” Pitts, District 2 (at-large)

Liz Hausmann, District 3

Tom Lowe, District 4

Emma I. Darnell, District 5

Joan P. Garner, District 6

William “Bill” Edwards, District 7