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EAST POINT: 'No notice' when city cuts power, water to home | News

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EAST POINT: 'No notice' when city cuts power, water to home

EAST POINT, Ga. -- Shannan Scott's baby was two weeks old on July 19, the day the city of East Point cut off power and water to the home she was renting.

"It was very hot," Scott said.  "And we didn't have any notice. No one told us anything. We didn't know what was going on."

She still isn't sure what happened.  The National Weather Service says the temperature reached 94 in Atlanta on July 19.

"They just showed up and cut the utilities to the main house, and to the whole property," said David Grolljean, who is subleasing the house at 2733 Winburn Terrace to Scott.

David Grolljean says the city overreacted to a code violation complaint he says was demonstrably untrue. But he believes the city never investigated the complaint. It just cut off water and electricity to his tenant -- who had to move to a hotel.

"They lost all their groceries in the refrigerator.  (They) spoiled as a result of this. It took us a week to get the power turned back on," said Grolljean, who runs the Atlanta Outreach Project, which helps guide homeless people into housing. He is renting the home to Shannan Scott and her family.

Grolljean says the city of East Point claimed he was running an illegal group home.  "We told them it wasn't a group home," Grolljean said.

The city took Grolljean to court Monday morning, but postponed its prosecution for another month. Grolljean's attorney, Bryce Farbstein says the tenants -- who have nothing to do with the alleged code violations -- are the victims in this case.

"These individuals had a right to be heard about issues of law and fact before they were essentially evicted," said Farbstein.

East Point officials didn't respond to our requests for comment. Shannan Scott is among those hoping for a sensible resolution -- and to avoid another water and electricity cutoff.


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