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Man arrested in East Point sexual assaults | News

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Man arrested in East Point sexual assaults

EAST POINT, GA (WXIA) – Police said 20-year-old Terry Young was arrested Friday afternoon and charged with rape, kidnapping and robbery in connection with attacking three women at a townhome complex.

Young was discovered in an apartment just one complex away from the townhomes where they said he kidnapped, robbed and sexually assaulted three women within a week.

“We did have to thoroughly search the apartment, because he was hiding inside the apartment,” said East Point Police Lt. Cliff Chandler. “But he did not put up a fight once officers made contact with him.”

For days, female residents have been on edge, scared they’d become the next victim. To find out the suspect was so close by the entire time left one woman nearly speechless.

“Wow,” said resident Shay Harris. “So, you’re telling me he was there the whole time – like right there. Me and my mom were just talking about this. That’s crazy!”

During one attack, police said he was captured on a nanny cam threatening two women. Those women told police that Young had given a long, meandering rant about his life, calling himself Antonio Graves, and saying he was 23 years old. He told the women he was suicidal, and that he “felt neglected” since the birth of his baby.

Detectives say Young does not live there, but was staying with friends. Police removed several bags of evidence, including a gun and a full clip of bullets. They say they have physical evidence that links him to the kidnapping, robbery and rape of two women Tuesday night. News of his arrest was a relief for residents.

As for the name he gave his victims – Antonio Graves, saying he was 23 – that was false. Though detectives did say he was telling the truth when he said he had a 10 month old child of his own.



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