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Suspected would-be robber says he's the real victim | News

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Suspected would-be robber says he's the real victim

ATLANTA -- Circling on social media is cell phone video of an East Point man holding an alleged would-be robber at gunpoint until police can arrive.

But Edgar Horn says it's all one big misunderstanding. Horn says he drove to the Family Dollar on Marietta Boulevard to meet up with a friend for lunch, but got in the wrong car and ended up with a gun in his face.

Hashim Fannin says there's no doubt in his mind why Horn got into his car. He says as soon as he parked, Horn casually hopped in.


"He opens the door and he kind of falls in to it," explained Fannin.

As he did, Fannin says Horn asked "you know what this is?" Assuming "this"was a robbery, Fannin grabbed his gun.

"By the time he turns around he already has a barrel staring at him," said Fannin.

Horn says Fannin's story actually supports his own. He says Fannin's car was a similar color and model to his friends. He didn't get in aggressively or make any demands. He didn't even realize his mistake until he turned around and saw Fannin, and the gun.

Fannin says Horn tried to apologize, but he wouldn't let him go, fearing he would try to get into someone else's car.

"The only person who was armed was the alleged victim, not my client," said Horn's attorney, Michael Katz, outside the Fulton County Courthouse on Friday.

"I am speechless, I'm sad. Depressed. This is a total failure of the judicial system and I hope to have this resolved as soon as possible," said Horn.

Fannin admits he never saw a weapon.

"No, I didn't give him an opportunity either," said Fannin.

Police didn't find one either, but still felt there was enough reason to arrest Horn and charge him with entering an automobile with the intent to commit theft and attempt to commit robbery.

In the cell phone video, taken by one of Fannin's co-workers, you can hear Horn try to explain, but Fannin isn't convinced.

HORN: I wasn't trying to rob you.

FANNIN: You weren't trying to rob me? You just get into random people's cars?

HORN: No, I thought you were my friend.

FANNIN: You thought I was your friend? You thought I was your friend? So you woke up stupid this morning?

HORN: Everybody makes mistakes.

FANNIN: You made a mistake and got in my (language removed) car. You're right that is a mistake.



Horn pleaded not guilty and his attorney says he's working to get the charges dismissed. Horn admits he's had run-ins with the law before. In 2009, he was arrested for criminal solicitation and in 1998 was disbarred, admitting to previous problems with drugs.

But Horn says he had no intentions to hurt anyone that day or any day, citing his volunteer and professional work with the Salvation Army, Boy Scouts of America and recent missions trips to help storm victims through Samaritan's Purse.


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