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Video shows moment train crashes into MARTA | News

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Video shows moment train crashes into MARTA

EAST POINT, Ga. -- Startling video taken on-board a MARTA bus shows the difference that seven seconds could have made between life and death.

The video shows the desperate seconds before a CSX train slammed into the back of a MARTA bus in East Point Wednesday.

Six people were injured running for their lives, but many wonder if the crossing itself may be at least partly to blame.


"You think you're all the way up to the line and you think that there's enough space because of the guardrail and there's just not," said Wan Smith the night of the accident.

On Friday, others in the area agreed that the crossing needs to be improved so that vehicles don't get stuck on the tracks, especially at the red light.

"It's like only two cars can sit before you cross the track and a lot of times a train just shows up out of nowhere," one woman said.

"A lot of times, people don't follow the rules about not hanging over the track and if it's crowded then they won't make it," another motorist said.

As for the bus's position at the time of the accident, the driver is heard on the video asking passengers if the bus was on the tracks.

According to East Point Police Lt. Cliff Chandler, the driver of the MARTA bus driver, Dwayne Magee, was issued a situation for improper stopping on train tracks.



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