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Local teens react to Baltimore riots | News

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Local teens react to Baltimore riots

FULTON COUNTY, Ga. -- While the students at Fulton Leadership Academy are far removed from what's taking place in Baltimore, they can relate to it.

"I'm angry because another young life has been lost. I do think we should channel that anger into finding a solution to the problem," said Rasheed Muhammad, a 10th grader.

FLA is an all-boys public charter middle and high school in south Fulton County.

"Our young men have to learn to de-escalate their anger and channel it in a way where they can still be heard, but not have it be in a violent manner," said FLA Principal Douglas Ward.

When two of the students watched video of a Baltimore mother who pulled her son out off the streets while he was trying to get involved in rioting, they said they were embarrassed for him.

"It actually kind of hurt me in a sense. She should have done it in another way," said Jared Bailey, 15, a sophomore at FLA.

But he and Rasheed said they understand the mother's action.

"I don't think a mother should have to deal with her son participating in a riot," said Jared.

"I think she would have rather pulled him out of that situation rather than pick him up at the police station later," said Rasheed.

"From a parent's prospective, hats off to her," said ward. "She didn't have time to be the nice parent. She had to get in and get him to understand that I'm trying to save your life and sometimes as a parent you have to do that and you're not going to be their friend in the process."



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