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Burglars drive van into DMV building | Crime

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Burglars drive van into DMV building
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Burglars drive van into DMV building

EAST POINT, Ga. -- It was 4:30 a.m. in the empty lobby of the automobile title office of the state Department of Revenue.

The quiet was pierced by breaking glass and metal from a white stolen van that backed through lobby's front window.  A surveillance camera the images. 

The thieves' target was two automated teller machines in the lobby. Three men appear in the video, leaping through the wreckage. 

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"It was well organized. They stole a van, came down here, smashed it. They kind of encountered some problems but they overcame them and were out of here very quickly. So it was very organized," said Chief Josh Waite of the Department of Revenue police

The ATMs in the building were unsecured and easy to move. Police say the men who stole them had another stolen waiting at another door. They were in and out in three minutes -- and appeared to know where to go.

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"The ATMs are located in a public lobby. So anybody who goes in there, there's a thousand people a day who can come in here," said Chief Waites.

The video shows a security guard who had walked past just seconds before the van smashes through the window. Although the guard was armed, police say she sensibly avoided a confrontation and called 911 instead.

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"She was alone. The other guards were in other parts of the building. So the best course of action for her was to get behind cover and call 911," Waites said.

Waites said the thieves escaped approximately sixty seconds before East Point police showed up to answer the 911

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