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Search is on for 3 Tri-Cities High intruders

FULTON COUNTY, Ga. -- Police arrested one teen and are looking for three more who made their way into Tri-Cities High School on Wednesday.

The intruders were not students, according to police. Fulton County Schools spokesperson Susan Hale said that it appears a student let the suspects in but it's unclear if the student knew them.

Hale said the intruders were quickly stopped. They then exited the building and a foot chase began.

There were rumors of a weapon, but East Point Police did not find a gun.  Hale said there was never evidence that the group was armed.

No one was hurt and no shots were fired.

Hale said the school was placed on lockdown after the intruders entered campus. She said they do not believe there was an immediate threat.

1 dead in Camp Creek Parkway wreck

SOUTH FULTON COUNTY, GA (WXIA) -- Officials are trying to determine if weather played a role in a deadly single-car wreck Sunday morning on Camp Creek Parkway. 

It happened at about 3 a.m., near Enon Drive. At first, the 911 caller thought it was a brush fire, but when crews arrived, they found that a car had gone off the road and caught fire. 

The driver died in the accident. His identity has been withheld pending notification of relatives.

Police: Napping officer to be suspended

EAST POINT, Ga. – East Point Police say an officer caught napping on the job will be suspended.

The photo of a sleeping police officer made the rounds on social media. The East Point Police Department has been investigating the incident after a citizen sent them the picture on Sept. 9.


Police aren’t sure when the photo was taken, but say the officer will be suspended.

Staffers couldn’t figure out who it was, but the officer came forward and admitted it was him, according to East Point PD spokesperson Lt. Cliff Chandler,

“He said he worked his normal day shift, and was doing an extra-duty job, that’s when he fell asleep,” Chandler said.

The officer been on the force for 10 years.

Man found dead, 8 families displaced in early Saturday house fire

EAST POINT, Ga. -- A man was found dead after an East Point, Ga. fire early Saturday morning.

The incident happened at Bullock Habersham Apartments in the 3200 block of Habersham Drive around midnight.

The building was quickly evacuated.

But fire crews found an intense blaze upon arriving at the location and began a defensive attack to contain the fire from the outside while opening the roof the ventilate the flames.

FIre fighters were able to contain the blaze within about 30 minutes of arriving at the scene.

Unfortunately, when beginning a search, fire crews found a deceased black male - later identified as John Tatum, 29, of East Point - in Apartment 7. 

Tatum's cause of death is still under investigation as is the cause of the fire..

Accused East Point rapist faces 2 dozen charges


EAST POINT, Ga. -- A man suspected in a series of sexual assaults in East Point now faces a numerous new charges.

Terry Young is being held in the Fulton County jail facing more than two dozen charges.

The 20-year-old was taken into custody less than a mile from the townhomes where the three women were attacked.

Man arrested in East Point sexual assaults

EAST POINT, GA (WXIA) – Police said 20-year-old Terry Young was arrested Friday afternoon and charged with rape, kidnapping and robbery in connection with attacking three women at a townhome complex.

Young was discovered in an apartment just one complex away from the townhomes where they said he kidnapped, robbed and sexually assaulted three women within a week.

“We did have to thoroughly search the apartment, because he was hiding inside the apartment,” said East Point Police Lt. Cliff Chandler. “But he did not put up a fight once officers made contact with him.”

For days, female residents have been on edge, scared they’d become the next victim. To find out the suspect was so close by the entire time left one woman nearly speechless.

“Wow,” said resident Shay Harris. “So, you’re telling me he was there the whole time – like right there. Me and my mom were just talking about this. That’s crazy!”

Police: East Point rapist told victims his name

EAST POINT, Ga -- Police believe they know the name of a man accused of several rapes in East Point. 

According to the rapist's victims, the man said his name was Antonio Graves and that he is 23 years old. The victims also said the alleged rapist said he had a 10-month-old and contemplated suicide. According to the victims, the information came during a long, rambling, rant from the suspect. While holding them at gunpoint, the suspect told the women he "feels neglected" and "I know you wouldn't talk to me if I wasn't holding a gun to you right now."